About us

Who We Are

Based in Pretoria, South Africa, Inguquko Holdings is a group of companies comprising five subsidiary companies that are merged corporately but still retain their individual identities. This strategy allows the subsidiaries to effectively mobilize their expertise and resources to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

Founded by a truly dynamic, passionate, and inventive entrepreneur with hands-on experience in the field of business, Inguquko Holdings approaches all businesses and contracts with an eagerness for development and excellent and competitive performance. With an understanding of the value of development in South Africa, our company strives to achieve optimal results that execute our client’s vision while adding value to a regional call for advancement. The company is 100% black-owned.

To become the worldwide leaders in ouroperating industries

  • To build a strong network of core business activities in order to reach sustainable growth of the company.
  • To design new ideas and develop our businesses, in order to become competitive in a global marketplace and deliver the highest value to our customers, employees, and shareholders.
  • Our strength is our team - we provide our employees with development and advancement opportunities to expose their talents and strengths.

Our Clients